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The aquarium is a section of the Natural Sciences Museum that, in different locations in the city, shows the tourists aspects of the fauna and flora in the area as well as certain exotic species.

The aquarium has over 50 basins in which there are more than 100 species (1,300 specimens) of fish, aquatic creatures and invertebrate from the Black Sea and the Danube Delta, all grouped in three sections: salty water, sweet water, and exotic fish.

A representative collection is that of sturgeons and it includes four species: the beluga, the Russian sturgeon, the starlet, and the starry sturgeon. What is interesting is the fact that the age of the fish in captivity is between 18 and 20 years, some specimens having a size ranging between 150 and 180 cm. In the same central basin, you can admire other species less unknown from the Black Sea, such as the devilfish, the scorpion fish, and the sea dragon, starfish and seahorses.


Another attraction of the city is represented by the Dolphinarium, built in 1972. This was the first complex of this type in the Southeast of Europe.

While initially dolphins from the species Tursiops truncatus ponticus were trained here, the old Mark topping the bill for 31 years, in 2010 three dolphins from the species Tursiops truncatus that live in the Southern Atlantic were brought from the Beijing Aquarium and after a time of adjustment they started to fill the stands with 300 seats of the dolphinarium.

Tăbăcărie Park

With an area of about 100 ha, it is one of the biggest natural parks in the country. What is interesting is the fact that the lake located inside it is one with sweet water even if it is situated only a few scores of meters away from the sea. The rich vegetation, the strolling areas or the playgrounds for children blend harmoniously in a unitary whole, the locals preferring to spend their free time here.

The Micro-reserve or the Micro-Delta spreads on a surface of about 6 hectares of which two hectares are of water. It shelters over 170 specimens, most of them species from the Danube Delta (pelicans, black swans, deer, harts, wild pigs) but also animals from other continents (zebras, lamas). With over 150 specimens of exotic birds from different parts of the world, the exhibition includes species from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Guinea and South America.

The park connects the city to Mamaia resort and it has many attractions for the tourists: the Dolphinarium, the Micro-reserve, the Planetarium, St. Mina wooden church, Kids’ land and the Amusement Park.

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