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Mamaia is a strip of sand – a natural levee deposit – situated between the Black Sea and Sutghiol Lake, with a length of about 10 km and 350m in width. It is the pearl of the Romanian seaside for over 500,000 tourists that take the beach, the restaurants and the clubs by storm. The resort developed in two stages (1959-1965 and 1982-1985), thus attracting a lot of foreign tourists both from the former communist countries and from the west because of the low prices it offered.

In 2003, an aqua park – Aqua Magic Park - was built in the resort, with a capacity of 2,500 seats and 14 aquatic attractions. The cable car built in 2004 connects the Amusement Park at the entrance of the resort to the square from the Casino offering a wonderful view over the sea and the lake from a height of 50m and on a distance of 2 km.

The restaurants, the shops, the ice cream parlours or the sport grounds create a relaxing holiday atmosphere. While in the morning the beach is overcrowded, at night the clubs from this resort, famous for their elegance and their special atmosphere, gather the entire youth by offering events until dawn.

Water sports fans can enjoy the wide choice of attractions both on the sea and on the lake. The old boats with oars have been replaced by ski jets, windsurfs or hydro-cycles. Parasailing and kite surfing are also attractions that Mamaia offers to those who love the sea and adventure.

One of the recent constructions is the walkway suspended above the sea that, after a stroll of 420m, offers the tourists the possibility to go on a sea trip by ship. The view of the resort from the walkway is spectacular during the day and especially at night. The bikers and the rollers make their way through the horse carriages that remind us of a resort whose charm attracted millions of tourists over the years.



Another attraction of the city is represented by the Dolphinarium, built in 1972, together with the Planetarium and the Astronomic Observatory, to which the Micro-reserve was later added. This was the first complex of this type in the Southeast of Europe.

While initially dolphins from the species Tursiops truncatus ponticus were trained here, the old Mark topping the bill for 31 years, in 2010 three dolphins from the species Tursiops truncatus that live in the Southern Atlantic were brought from the Beijing Aquarium and after a time of adjustment they started to fill the stands with 600 seats of the dolphinarium.

The Micro-reserve or the Micro-Delta spreads on a surface of about 6 hectares of which two hectares are of water. It shelters over 170 specimens, most of them species from the Danube Delta (pelicans, black swans, deer, harts, wild pigs) but also animals from other continents (zebras, llamas). With over 150 specimens of exotic birds from different parts of the world, the exhibition includes species from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Guinea and South America


With an area of over 8,500 square meters, Gravity Park is the biggest park in Romania dedicated to extreme sports and it is divided in two areas: the skate park, the climbing trial and the dirt. Competitions are organised annually and they attract many extreme sports lovers, the quality of the tracks and of the routes being recognised in the entire country.


It is the main section of the park dedicated to kids, ages between 3 and 14. The 18 playgrounds arranged on sand islands attract children from all over the city and, at weekends, it manages to become too crowded, the children taking the zip line, the slides or the climbing boards by storm.

During the summer season the park is swamped by the tourists arrived at the seaside and that is why outdoor shows and theatre performances or other manifestations dedicated to children take place here. The club for retired people situated near the playgrounds gives the grandparents the chance to spend their time in a pleasant way together with their grandchildren.


The connection between Tăbăcărie Park and Mamaia resort is done through The Amusement Park. In the last years, the 31 restaurants were joined international ones, together succeeding in offering the tourists a wide range of dishes starting from the Romanian cuisine and ending up with the oriental one.

Here we find not only the Romanian bagel, but also the Turkish baklava, the Italian ice cream or the kurtos kalacs, the candyfloss or the frosted apples that are found delicious by the children. The part of the Amusement Park that represents a feast for children is Luna Park that manages to create a holiday atmosphere through the animation of the play of lights and music.

The great number of attractions, the mountain rouse, the big wheel, the merry-go-rounds, the little trains together with loved characters from cartoons lead children of all ages in a universe of fantasy and playfulness. During the summer season, the circus is also present in the Amusement Park, famous companies giving the most spectacular performances.


The island that bears the name of Ovid, the Latin poet, is situated on Lake Sutghiol 5km away from Mamaia and at only 500m away from Ovidiu city. It appears that the island was connected to the aqueducts of the city ever since the Roman times, a fact that led to the creation of many legends among which the one that says that two old oaks on the island had been planted by Ovid himself. According to another legend, the poet’s tomb would be on this island, a fact not yet proved through archaeological evidence.

Here we find a touristic complex that can be reached with a cruise boat that leaves from Mamaia. The rich vegetation and the influence of the lake create a special atmosphere so that on the island you can find both a fish restaurant and accommodation.

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