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The tunes of the minstrels take the tourists along the esplanade of the city, a trip full of symbols, whether we talk about the aquarium or the statue of the great national poet - Mihai Eminescu, the lighthouse - a masterpiece of the Genovese sailors that reached these shores hundreds of years ago, or the touristic port Tomis with its fish restaurants.


Ovid's Square

The centre of the town for several decades, this square was called Independence Square. At the beginning of the 20th century, after the placement of Ovid’s Statue, the name "Ovid's Square" became official. Along the years, the buildings around the square have changed their owners and their architecture, the hotels have become banks, cars replaced the carriages, but the square remains the heart of the old city.


Tomis Harbour

Tomis harbour has a special charm. At the northern side of the esplanade, you go down to the recently modernised harbour that in the last years has attracted a great number of yachts due to the facilities it offers. Towards evening the terraces catch life and the atmosphere enlivens due to the tourists in search of a table as close to the sea as possible.


Central Park

The central park of the city houses, besides the local and regional administrative institutions, an important outdoor collection of monuments and vestiges of the old citadel Tomis. The big amphorae, the sarcophagi, the precinct walls together with the map of the ancient settlements of this region make the connection between the old city and the new one, a transition from the Roman era to the contemporary one.

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